Welcome To The Chicken Scratch Page !

I’m sure you are wondering
what the heck
a Chicken Scratch page
would consist of ?

this will be a page that will
allow you a small glimpse
in to my personal life.

Many times, once a client has gotten to know me, they are surprised to find out
certain things about me.

Example: I wear nice suits and ties and deal with Corporate America Monday
through Friday, and…most people would think I’m a “City Slicker”
because of the way I dress.


Give me a pair of ripped jeans…
a comfortable flannel shirt and get me
as FAR AWAY from the city as possible when I’m not working.

I’m an AVID outdoorsman and
I LOVE Trout fishing and anything outdoors.

I am in the process of putting
NEW info on this page
which will be different from
what has been on this page
for the last 10 years.

I’ll have lot’s of interesting opinions
and photos and videos.
..and it will be entertaining !

I hope to have this page completed shortly !

Stay Tuned !

For now though….since I mentioned Trout Fishing
a few times on this site…
here are a couple of video’s
that take me back
to some memorable moments.

The first one…well…let’s just say,
this is one of those…

“The one that got away” stories

…which people don’t often believe.

Thankfully…there was a VIDEO camera
there on that gorgeous day
in Northern Pennsylvania.

I had known that this
FANTASTIC Trout was in this area.
I very slowly
…from about 75 yards upstream
…quietly and in a stalking manner…
walked down the middle of the stream
until I was close enough to where
this monster trout was feeding.

Once I felt I could make the proper cast…I did…

Make sure your speakers are on.

Watch the rod tip bend
…and you can actually hear the line being pulled out of my reel !

The second one
…is another moment from
the same stream
…a few years earlier.
..about 150 yards away.
I had recently battled a very nice trout
…and it got off.
There was lot’s of commotion as I fought the fish,
and once the battle was over
…I decided to move further down stream
where the fish wouldn’t
be so startled
.. Once I did…KAPOW

…and I had another BEAUTIFUL trout on my line.

By the time the video started
…I had already been fighting this fish
and it was finally getting tired and
was ready to submit. Or so I thought.


As is obvious by my reaction.

Thank You God

….for creating the beautiful outdoors

which I enjoy SO much !