"And God said...let there be light...

and there was light"

And thus, the “Genesis” of this page and my website.

You no doubt have noticed a “Light” theme so far.
Therefore, I felt it only appropriate to start with the Bible verse above.
This page is titled “Watt” drives me? (“watt”…”lightbulb…get it” ?)

I’m Rob… and I’m thankful for the light.

Watt drives me ?

That’s an easy answer.

Plain and simple ?
God does.

Yep, God is the nucleus of my life and the
driving force behind everything I do.

If you would have known me way back when, and someone would have told you
that I would so easily and unashamedly and enthusiastically talk about God and my unshakable
Faith at some point later in life, you would have laughed hysterically.

Those of you reading this who DID know me way back then….you understand !

The mere fact that I’m talking about God here on this page, will make some of you
NOT want to read any further. But…if you are tempted to leave…
let me offer this challenge.

Read this entire page. There is reward for you if you do.

If you knew me…you’d like me.

I say that, based upon what my friends and business associates say about me and to me. I’m a
LIFE OF THE PARTY type. I love to entertain…tell jokes….I love a cold beer as much as the next
guy,I love to solve the problems of others… and I am as personable and approachable as anyone
you’ll ever meet.

YOU are approaching me now…via this site.
I THANK you for visiting and for your interest………and…..
I can’t WAIT to EXCEED your expectations !

But first things first.

You are here because you need help with your business.
I’ll help you, and my methods WILL WORK !

But give me the opportunity to thank and honor God first, because without HIM giving me
the talent I am known for, I couldn’t help you !

With that said, God has PROVEN Himself to me, and if that happens to you,
you’ll never forget it and you’ll never be the same.

It has happened to me….several times.

PROVEN himself to you, you ask ?

Yep….without a doubt.

I have NO doubt, that if I was hooked up to the best polygraph machines in the world, and
asked by the most renowned polygraph examiners if I have been shown
absolute PROOF from God that He is very real, and if I answered YES…
as I would without hesitation…the polygraph examiners would say…..

“He’s telling the truth.”

I’m actually writing a book about it, which I’m told, and agree, should sell millions of copies.
You can learn more about this in “The Book Of Rōb” link on this site.

Yes…I’m an Advertising Agency owner and a Marketing/Consulting guy.

That’s who and what you are looking for.

And I’m also a Christian, and it’s important to me that you know that.

I want you to know that you are dealing with an honest man,
one who has morals and ethics, and one who knows
the consequences of bad behavior.

 I don’t make a point to tell you that I am a Christian man because
I think that makes me better than you if you are not a Christian or
if you don’t have as strong a faith as mine. 

I am not better than you.

But, I have an inner peace that I WISH everyone could experience !
Again…I’m a businessman….an Advertising/Marketing/Branding guy…….
and I’m very good at what I do.

But if you don’t understand or “get” this God thing….please don’t hesitate to ask me any
questions you may have. I LOVE bringing people closer to God.

I am DRIVEN to do so as many times as given the opportunity.

You are at this site because you are looking to make your business
more profitable and recognizable.

I can easily make that happen.
I’ve got over 30 years of proven success stories.

But if you have questions about your faith or God,
I would much rather talk to you about that first, than your business,
because your relationship with God, in my opinion, is MUCH more important.

Give God some of what HE wants from you,
and He will BLOW YOUR mind with what He will give you in return !

Well……for those of you that are still reading….
THANK YOU and KUDO’S to you for not being offended !”

Ok…so “watt” else drives me ?
The THANK YOU letters and emails I get from my once
“skeptical” prospective clients, who became my


I LOVE what I do.

I get paid to use my brain.

I come up with the advertising and marketing concepts for your business.

When YOUR business becomes more recognizable and PROFITABLE due to the ideas and strategies that originated in my cranium….well….that


I am driven by YOUR success !

More about this on the Illuminating Offerings
link, which you should go to once you are done with this page.

Watt else drives me ?

You’ll also notice some outdoorsey images on the site.

Hemlock trees and mountains and streams….
well….they SOOTHE me and calm me,
and allow me to concentrate on creativity.

Being outdoors often times inspires those “Light Bulb Moments”…and when the ideas start
flowing, the “Lightbulb” goes off and I realize I have come up with something VERY good !

I’m an avid outdoorsman and I spend as much time as possible in the woods or in the
middle of the trout stream, outsmarting the trout.

I’ve come up with many great ideas for my clients, while standing in the middle
of the pristine trout streams I am drawn to.

Motivating others is also something else that drives me.
I’ve given many seminars and speeches over the years.

Knowing that my words have helped improve the quality of life in others,
well…yes…that drives me !

I am driven to better the lives of those around me.

If you are here looking for a SIGNIFICANT boost in the bottom line of your business,
I can help you in many different areas.

Again…more about this on the Illuminating Offerings page which you should go to next.

But before you do, let me finish this page by thanking you
for reading up to this point.

The text on a website IS IMPORTANT !

You are here…because you are looking to BETTER YOUR BUSINESS !

This is a HUGE decision.

If….IF you read all of the text on the Illuminating Offerings page,
and the other pages of this site, you WILL do business with me.

IF….IF you continue to read the text contained herein,
you’ll feel compelled to do business with me.

How do I know this ?
Just trust me on this.

My approach is different.
But…different WORKS !

I am NOT going to offer you generic, dull, boring, non responsive strategies.

As the video on the homepage states, MY CLIENTS will tell you that they trusted
…are glad they did…..and …I will gladly share their stories with you once we meet.

The reward I mentioned earlier ?

Well….again……thanks for being open minded enough and
patient enough to read this entire page.

Let me be about as real as I can be right now.

I wear nice suits and ties and hob nob with
Corporate America Monday through Friday.

For now though,as you are reading this…allow me to be that down to earth guy
with a pair of jeans on, or my waders while fishing in the trout stream…
you standing next to me…allowing me to teach you how to catch trout.

I’m a very accomplished trout fisherman, and I have the videos and
countless fishermen witnesses to back it up.

I can teach you how to catch lot’s of trout.

That is….IF…you listen to me and follow my instructions.

It’s the same with this decision you are making now.
You know your business needs help.

You WANT to make more money and be more recognizable and relevant.
You want your Advertising and Marketing strategies to enable you to
worry LESS because the strategies are driving MORE business your way !

Your reward ?

All you have to do…is respond.
Simply read…digest….THINK about how easy I am making it seem….
and simply
respond to me.

Your reward comes when you listen to my ideas, and
allow me to put them to

We all sit back and dream…and wonder….what if ?

That’s where you are now.

You are wondering….”Can this Rob guy really make my business more successful”?

Can he REALLY give me an exciting NEW IDENTITY ?
Can he REALLY provide me a much better website than the one I have now
which will result in new business ?

Can he REALLY get me found on the search engines
when others couldn’t ?

Can he REALLY create an exciting Ad Campaign for me
and get me on TV and radio with a RESULTS ORIENTED OUTCOME ?

Can he really train my sales staff to close more deals ?

Can he REALLY MOTIVATE me to do better ?

Think about this.

“You’ll NEVER discover NEW oceans…
unless you have the
courage to lose sight of the shore.”

If you’ve tried advertising and marketing before…and because it didn’t work, you think
advertising doesn’t work…..well…you haven’t tried my proven strategies.

There are lot’s of wannabe’s out there and lot’s of people and companies who push the same dull and boring “stuff”.

I am NOT one of “them”.

I got you to read this entire page…didn’t I ???

Well…you normally don’t read this much text…do you ? !!

That’s cuz I know what I’m doing !

LOSE sight of the shore…and discover NEW OCEANS !!

You sending me an email saying….

“Ok, Rob…I’m ready to try something new……….”?

THAT drives me….and I can ASSURE you that you will not waste your time or money !

There’s more on the Illuminating Offerings page.
Go there now…then look through the rest of the site….
then simply do the EASIEST of tasks…and RESPOND to me !

Do it now…before you leave this site,while the dream of
“Better and More” is fresh on your mind.

If you WANT something…you need to ask for it or GO GET IT !

If you DON’T go after what you want…you will NEVER have it !

If you don’t ASK…the answer will always be NO.

If you don’t step forward…you’ll always be in the same place.

Time for that nonsense to stop…dont’cha think ?

I’m ready to bring that positive CHANGE to you and your business….
and I’m looking forward to EXCEEDING your expectations!

See ya’inside. !